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Arizona Trike School
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(If you want your Sport Pilot training hours to count toward a Private Pilot certificate
make sure your instructor has an EAA exemption to teach at the Private Pilot level)


Ultralight Training: Perhaps the kind of flying that appeals to you is just going out by yourself and launching into the air to fly around the local area. No flying into busy airports, no passengers, just you and the machine, flying over the landscape. If so, then  a true ultralight trike is for you.
While getting quality instruction to learn to fly an ultralight trike is just as important as going for a Sport Pilot Certificate, you don't have to take an FAA written test, oral or flight test. You will have to learn to fly and land properly to keep safe but the process is simpler and costs you less. You will learn in our new Special Light Sport NorthWing Navajo trike and when it comes time to solo, your instructor will test fly your trike to make sure it flys like it should.

Sport Pilot Training: This is the route that people take who not only want to experience flying a trike but also want to share the experience with a friend or spouse.
By the time you get your Sport Pilot Certificate you will feel confident that you can handle your trike in light to medium weather conditions, the kind of weather conditions that are smooth and are fun to fly in.
With further instruction you will be able to fly into a tower controlled airport.

Private Pilot Training: Your instructor has an EAA exemption to be able to train you to the Private Pilot level, night flight excluded. If you live in high country or have reason to fly over 10,000 feet above sea level or want to tow hang gliders you will want to get your Private Pilot Certificate, currently the highest weight shift (trike) rating available.
With further training and checkout you will be able to fly at night in a properly equipped aircraft.
As opposed to a Sport Pilot rating, the Private Pilot rating requires that you possess a current medical certificate.

Flight Reviews: Every 24 months pilots (except ultralight Pilots) are required to take a minimum of 1 hour oral and 1 hour flight time with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). 
This is a good time to work on some area of flying you may be weak on. When your time with the instructor is completed you are good for another two years.


Proficiency Check: This is for those people who are licensed in another category of aircraft and want to experience Weight Shift Controlled (Trikes) aircraft. 
There have been many airplane pilots who found out about trikes and after a Proficiency Check are now flying this exciting category of aircraft.


Ground School: Prior to taking a practical test we supply you with whatever ground school it takes to give you confidence to pass the oral portion of the test.  

Training in our trike: $30 per hour ground or flight time. $75 per hour trike rental.
Training in your trike:
$30 per hour on the ground and $50 per hour in the air.
Flight Reviews: $100 plus aircraft rental if applicable.
Proficiency checks:
$250 plus aircraft rental if applicable.
Wing and trike inspections: $30 per hour for work done on your trike or wing.
Test flights:
Ground School:
$30 per hour.
Free Training! When you purchase a new trike from us much of the training will be free, depending upon the price of the trike.

Our location at Phoenix Regional airport is about 20 minutes from numerous motels in Casa Grande, Arizona. A quick Google search of Casa Grande, AZ motels will give you phone numbers and information. 
We have had many students camp next to the hangar in either their tent or RV. We don't have sewer hook ups but you can run an extention cord to the hangar for electricity. There is no charge for camping.